Available in 3 Versions

SoftMed: For Medical and Dental Cabinets

SoftMed +: For Large or Multi Medical / Dental Clinics

SoftMed++ (Coming Soon): For Hospital and Accomodative HealthCare Centers Management


"   SoftMed is a designed to be  the day to day companion for health care provicors and assist with managing all operations From Appointment Booking to Patient Checkout and Payment, it makes it easier for you to streamline all tasks, cuts a lot of expenses, increases revenue and saves time.  our cloud-based or Local server hospital software provides everything you need for your business"

By SoftLink Software Solutions

All In One Integrated System

-> From a single login access all resources, system apps and get an overview of all operations (inventory, online appointment booking, medical supplies,  invoicing)

Real Time Inventory Adjustment and Transactions

-> Centralized Live Inventory operations and transaction, accessible and editable everywhere   

Streamlined Product Plans and Service Packages

->Easily Create / configure products, services and other variants

-> Customize price Lists and pricing formulas


->Integrated Purchasing Module to mange your product supplies in an easy 3 steps process

->Easily Convert your purchase orders into invoices and manage them in the invoicing app.

Globalize your Business

-> Multiple Hospitals and Business Locations management

Multi Language, Multi Currency

-> Over 100 languages included

->Customize Currency rates and interface language per user

Easy Backup / Restore

-> you can backup,, restore or archive your data any time or anywhere to keep your records well safeguarded

Direct Booking System

-> Powerful Booking Engine directly linked to your website with unlimited booking orders to reduce your costs 

Powerful Accounting and Revenue Management System

-> Easily Track Customer / Vendor Payments in one place
-> Manage Multiple Payment Journals
->Customize your invoices layout, paper size, slogan and company details with our unique invoice builder
->Print your invoices or share them online with your partners

Error Free Operations

-> Manage your business operations  anywhere anytime with no room for faulty transactions

Remote Access

-> Remotely access your system via your smartphone (both iOS and Android OS are supported, new Harmony OS also supported)

Email / SMS Marketing

-> Create and automate your campaigns and promote for your exciting deals, packages and events via Email or SMS.

Live Chat

-> Chat in real time with your users and website visitors via our integrating live chat and messaging app

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